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After work med FEN Data/IT & Beijer Electronics | Malmö

After work med FEN Data/IT & Beijer Electronics | Malmö

Up in the clouds? IIOT and Industry 4.0 – data is the key to up your game!

Join Female Engineer Network for an inspiring mingle event at Beijer Electronics.

Sara Norman, Business Developer, will guide you through practical cases of implementation of how AI and IIOT can be used to improve performance, versatility and functionality without compromising on affordability and ease of use.
Katherine Thomson, Senior Software Development Engineer and team lead for the team developing the portal into our cloud solution will give you an understanding from a technical point of view on how to take the complexity out of collecting and storing business-critical data in the cloud to optimize operations, making cloud data available through smart software.
To challenge your thinking and idea generation there will be a case/short work shop where you can try your ideas.

When: 19th of September
Start: 17:00
Where: Stora Varvsgatan 13, Malmö

17.00                  Welcome drink and mingle
17.30-18.30        Inspirational lecture and work shop
18.30-20.00        Mingle with something to eat and drink

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”Bra event där vi under avslappnade men seriösa former fick träffa precis de kandidater vi vill nå”
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